Menu Haldi Rush

The takeaway menu of Haldi, an Indian takeaway in Rush, offers wide variety of Indian delicacies for the people living in and around this city. It is better to have a close look at our takeaway menu before placing your takeaway order online as we have various options for you to choose from it. We are discussing our delicacies in brief in this write-up so that you can have a vague idea in this regard. Our menu starts with nine types of nine types of non-vegetarian starters and five types of vegetarian starters. In our main course you can find four types of mild to medium hot seafood dishes including Jhinga Jalfrezi and Goan Fish Curry etc. Beef Rogan Josh and Beef Madras are also the part of our menu for beef dishes along with others. Then comes eight types of biryanis along with seven types of side dishes to enhance the Indian taste in the dishes of your choice. 12 types of poultry dishes and five types of rice are also the part of our takeaway menu. We also offer nine types of lamb dishes and four types of duck dishes with lots of Indian flavours. If you like to eat vegetarian foods even then you should not worry as we also offer nine types of vegetarian dishes like vegetable makhanwala and mix tarkari etc. In order to eat these delicacies you will also need Indian rotis and naans which you can find in nine variants at our takeaway outlet. Our tandoori dishes are also famous in this region as we offer eight types of tandoori dishes with lots of Indian spices to enhance their flavours. In this way you can find a number of options to plan your takeaway order form our outlet.

About Haldi Rush

Haldi is an Indian takeaway in Rush which is known for its Indian flavourful delicacies in this city as well as in nearby areas. We have tried our best to win the heart of the people living in this region as Indian flavours were a new thing for them. We worked hard to introduce them with Indian spices and food items to increase their interest in them. It is the outcome of our efforts since the inauguration of our takeaway outlet that we are enjoying lots of name and fame in this region. We not only used the flavours and spices of Indian origin but also used authentic ways of preparing our dishes to enhance their flavours more prominently. Today we have launched our apps to allow people to place their takeaway order even through their mobile devices when they are not in their home or office. You can download our apps from Apple Store or Google Store to place your next order as soon as possible.

Restaurant location Haldi Rush

You can easily find Haldi Rush, an Indian takeaway, as we are situated at 55 Main Street in Rush, which is one of the prime locations of this city. Anyone can guide you to reach s as we have earned enough fame in this area on the basis of the quality of our Indian foods. You can also use online maps to reach us if you are not familiar with the roads of this city.